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Title: Gleefully Outmanoeuvred
Fandom: Disney (Frozen/The Princess And The Frog)
Pairing: Hans/Charlotte
Rating: R
Words: 499
Notes: For [ profile] 100_men, prompt "wealth".

His name is mud, of course. )
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Title: In Hot Water
Fandom: Disney (Frozen)
Pairing: Kristoff/Anna
Rating: R
Words: 495
Notes: For [ profile] fan_flashworks, prompt "hot water".
Summary: "Are you cold?"

It’s not that Kristoff means to fuss. )
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Title: Wastelands Waning
Fandom: Disney (Cinderella/Frozen)
Pairing: Cinderella/Elsa
Rating: G
Words: 200
Notes: Mentions of abuse and anxiety. For [ profile] femslash100's Drabbletag, prompt "solitude".

Sometimes it’s all too much. )
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Title: Parting Is Such Sly Sorrow
Fandom: Disney (Frozen/Tangled)
Pairing: Hans/Flynn
Rating: PG
Words: 499
Notes: Bondage. For [ profile] 100_men, prompt "friends".

Working together seems natural, at first. )
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Title: Side-Splitting
Fandom: Disney (Frozen/Tangled)
Pairing: Anna/Rapunzel
Rating: PG-13
Words: 427
Notes: Knismolagnia (arousal by tickling). For [ profile] 100_women, prompt "laughter".

Rapunzel is ticklish. )


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