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Title: Wastelands Waning
Fandom: Disney (Cinderella/Frozen)
Pairing: Cinderella/Elsa
Rating: G
Words: 200
Notes: Mentions of abuse and anxiety. For [ profile] femslash100's Drabbletag, prompt "solitude".

Sometimes it’s all too much. )
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Title: Vantage Point
Fandom: Disney (Cinderella)
Pairing: Lady Tremaine/Cinderella
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1271
Notes: BDSM. Incest. Masturbation. Spanking. Voyeurism. For Femslash February, [ profile] 100_women, prompt "possession", and a prompt at [ profile] disney_kink.
Summary: Cinderella belongs to their mother, but that does not stop Anastasia and Drizella from watching and wishing and wanting.

They’re not supposed to know about any of the games their mother plays with their stepsister. )
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Title: Tourist Attractions
Fandom: Disney (Wreck It Ralph/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs/Aladdin/The Princess And The Frog/Tangled/Beauty And The Beast/The Little Mermaid/Brave/Cinderella)
Pairings: Calhoun/Aurora, Calhoun/Snow White, Calhoun/Jasmine, Calhoun/Tiana, Calhoun/Rapunzel, Calhoun/Belle, Calhoun/Ariel, Calhoun/Merida, Calhoun/Cinderella
Rating: NC-17
Words: 3462
Notes: Bondage. For Femslash February, a prompt at the [ profile] disney_kink meme, and [ profile] 100_women, prompt "strangers".
Summary: The 'most magical place on Earth' indeed.

Calhoun has never been one to disappoint. )
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Title: Footsteps
Fandom: Disney (Cinderella)
Pairing: Prince Charming/Cinderella
Rating: R
Words: 231
Notes: For [ profile] 100_women, prompt "naked".
Summary: Clink. Clink.

He can hear the delicate noise they make upon the tiled floors. )


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