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Title: Wasted
Fandom: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Pairing: Jack/Jack/Jack/Jack/Jack
Rating: NC-17
Words: 656
Timeline: At World's End
Notes: Spoilers for At World's End. Orgy. Selfcest.
Summary: A Captain, a crew. A lack of proper sailing weather.

A man only lived once, right? )
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Title: Sealed
Fandom: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Pairing: Davy Jones/Jack
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1216
Timeline: Pre-Curse Of The Black Pearl
Notes: Inspired by [ profile] alita_b_angel's review of Dead Man's Chest. Tentacles.
Summary: Davy Jones, Ruler of the Sea. Not to be taken lightly, on any account.

Jack’s head is reeling and he still has the empty bottle clutched in his hand and he can’t let it go. )
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Title: Crawling
Fandom: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Pairing: Tia Dalma/Elizabeth
Rating: R
Words: 993
Timeline: Post-Dead Man's Chest
Notes: Questionable consent.
Summary: It's a filthy thing, a filthy scent, a filthy sensation, and Elizabeth would like to think she's above it.

Tia Dalma merely laughs, throaty and as dry as the air around them. )


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