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Title: Wastelands Waning
Fandom: Disney (Cinderella/Frozen)
Pairing: Cinderella/Elsa
Rating: G
Words: 200
Notes: Mentions of abuse and anxiety. For [ profile] femslash100's Drabbletag, prompt "solitude".

Sometimes it’s all too much. )
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Title: Snow-Kissed
Fandom: Disney (Frozen)
Pairing: Elsa/Anna
Rating: R
Words: 748
Notes: Incest. For Femslash February, [ profile] 100_women, prompt "white", and Porn Battle XV, prompt "Anna/Elsa - snow, warm, flush, skirts, touch".
Summary: Elsa's powers may be tied to the cold, but nobody can warm Anna like her sister.

“You look cold. Would you like me to warm you up?” )


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