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Title: Overt Meets Covert
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Agents Of SHIELD
Pairing: Darcy/May
Rating: G
Words: 926
Notes: For [community profile] ladiesbingo, prompt "soldier, sailor, airman: armed forces member", Femslash Friday, and a prompt at [ profile] comment_fic.
Summary: May's a SHIELD agent, but Darcy isn't going to hold that against her. She is going to ask May out, though, or try to. Because SHIELD agent or not, May's maybe the most awesome person Darcy's ever met.

The thing is, Darcy’s not exactly a fan of SHIELD. Not that SHIELD technically exists anymore, not since Captain America blew those Helicarriers out of the sky and brought the whole thing crumbling down. She’s not sure if the crew she’s been spending time with lately can really be called SHIELD, if SHIELD is dead and all.

But that’s what they call themselves, and they sure as hell dress like those the SHIELD agents that swooped in on Darcy and Jane and Erik back in New Mexico, so Darcy’s willing to call a spade a spade.

Darcy’s not a fan of SHIELD, but she is a fan of Melinda May. More than simply a fan, because whatever she feels for May has veered way past mere admiration and gone straight into full ‘have my children’ mode.

Basically, Darcy has a giant, embarrassing, all-encompassing, sickeningly earnest crush.

May being a SHIELD agent should be a deterrent, but it’s absolutely not, no matter how little Darcy thinks of the organisation. It actually kind of makes the crush worse, because May looks really damn good in that uniform, with the tight black fabric and the Kevlar and the earpiece.

It’s the gun, too - Darcy’s not into guns, but she’s seen May wielding a weapon before and it kind of does things for her. Does things to her, by which she means ‘gets Darcy really hot under the collar’. Admittedly it might not be the gun so much as some sort of competency kink, or just being really turned-on by how well-trained and dangerous May is, because Darcy’s had a similar reaction to seeing May fight bad guys with her bare fists.

It’s not only the ‘frighteningly sexy covert operative’ thing May has going, though. True, that is really, really appealing. But it’s also just May; who she is behind the SHIELD façade. It’s her poker face, and the softness underneath, and how she cares for people, looking out for them in ways they don’t even notice. It’s the way she warms up the more Darcy gets to know her. It’s her intelligence and her loyalty and her sardonic one-liners, because if living in England has taught Darcy anything, it’s an appreciation for a dry sense of humour.

So Darcy has a crush. A big one. And normally she’d do what any reasonable person would do - obsess endlessly, doodle hearts all over her notebook, imagine their perfect life together, but never actually say anything.

But Darcy’s life is kind of crazy these days. That’s the whole reason she’s been spending time with SHIELD - because her proximity to superhero-related business has put a target on her back. Having her life saved more than once, having her life saved by May, it’s made Darcy realise that you can’t just wait around and expect life to happen to you. You have go out and grab it.

Which is easy in theory. In practice? Not so much.

But she’s gonna try.

May looks back at her with that carefully blank expression, but Darcy’s not going to be put off. She takes a deep breath, balls her hands into fists, and goes for it.

“Do you want to go to dinner with me?”

There, that wasn’t so bad.

Except May isn’t reacting. At all. But Darcy didn’t spend all that time rehearsing this for nothing, so she barrels on.

“I know you probably think it’s a bad idea, because you’re SHIELD and that makes it dangerous for anyone to get close to you and blah blah blah. But remember that part where my roommates are an acclaimed astrophysicist known for working with the Avengers and, oh yeah, an actual Avenger!? I’d say that means I’m already well aware of the risks, so don’t even try that with me.”

She stops, breathes in again.

May’s still not reacting.

“So you can’t use that as an excuse not to date me. But, uh, if you don’t want to? Date me, that is. I get that, and I won’t be upset or anything. Just saying. Because I realise I got a little confrontational there, sort of, and this isn’t exactly going as well as it did in front of my bathroom mirror.”

May just watches her.

“Okay,” Darcy sighs, managing a smile. “Good talk.”

She’s almost turned away when May says, “I’ll pick you up at eight.”

Darcy doesn’t gape at her. At least, she doesn’t gape too much. “Eight?”

“You like Italian?” May asks, her voice even.

Everyone likes Italian,” Darcy points out. But she’s already backing away, because she doesn’t want to push this, doesn’t want to push her luck. May just agreed to go on a date. With her. Darcy’s pretty sure if she so much as blinks wrong right now, the universe will find a way to take this away from her, so she’s not going to tempt fate. “Eight o’clock?”

“Eight o’clock,” May confirms, all business, and Darcy spins on her heel and starts to quickly walk away, because she’s only got five hours to freak out at Jane over the phone and figure out what the hell to wear.

One thing Darcy does like about SHIELD, besides May, is that they’re big on keeping up appearances. That means they keep their stupidly big SUVs nice and clean, the black paint and dark windows all shiny with not a single fingerprint on them.

Which means Darcy gets a clear view of May in the reflection on the car’s window, just in time to see May’s small but sweet little smile.
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