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Title: Relearning And Reunions
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Sanji/Zoro
Rating: NC-17
Words: 434
Timeline: Post-timeskip
Notes: For [ profile] 100moods, prompt "enthralled".

They probably don’t have time for this. )
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Title: Asshole-Free
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Gin/Sanji
Rating: R
Words: 5370
Notes: AU. Sequel to Tassle-Free. For [ profile] scribe_protra's Holiday Wishlist.
A/N: Oh look, it’s the sequel to the fic nobody wanted a sequel to! Yep, it’s a follow-up to Tassle-Free, and probably won’t make any sense without reading that first. [ profile] scribe_protra wanted Gin fic for Christmas, and this was the idea that took hold and refused to gracefully roll over and die.
Summary: Gin and his blue balls return to Tangerine Tits. Presumably because he's a masochist.

Gin doesn’t believe in serendipity, but he’s starting to think it might just believe in him. )
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Title: Clouds In Her Coffee
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Nami/Robin
Rating: R
Words: 773
Notes: For the Fireworks porn battle at [ profile] femslash_today, prompt "Nami/Robin, storm tossed".
Summary: The calm after the storm.

She trusts them, of course she does, but she doesn’t trust this ocean. )


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