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Title: Jaloux
Fandom: Disney (Beauty And The Beast)
Pairing: Lumiere/Cogsworth
Rating: G
Words: 579
Timeline: Post-movie
Notes: For [ profile] 100_men, prompt "jealous".
Summary: Cogsworth has found somebody else to bicker with. Lumiere is not pleased.

It is quite expected when a large room is devoted to being Maurice’s new workshop. The litany of his crashes and bangs joins the general bustle of the castle and soon it is as if he has always been there. The room has a door that opens directly to the spacious grounds at the back of the castle with easy access to the stream. On the days Chip manages to slip away from Mrs. Potts’ watchful eye he can usually be found there with Maurice, handing over tools as needed or simply staring, fascinated, as a new invention begins to take shape.

It is most definitely not expected when Maurice finds a new ally in Cogsworth.

Cogsworth, of course, never neglects his duties, but it becomes quite common to find him within Maurice’s workshop, the two of them arguing good-naturedly about the ins-and-outs of each machine for hours at a time.

“It’s nice that they’ve found something in common,” Belle muses on one particularly sunny afternoon as she and Mrs. Potts sip tea together in the breakfast room.

“In common?” Lumiere snorts as he agitatedly straightens candlesticks that already looked perfectly straight to begin with. “More likely he’s just excited to have found a new subject to pretend to be knowledgeable in.”

“Oh psh, don’t be so sore, Lumiere,” Mrs. Potts admonishes. “I’m sure that after so many years living as a clock, Cogsworth has simply grown more sensitive to the inner workings of mechanical objects. He and Belle’s father are a good match.”

Lumiere grumbles something neither Belle nor Mrs. Potts can quite make out, before he bows curtly. “Excuse me, ladies, I have something to attend to,” he says flatly, before turning on his heel and striding stiffly from the room.

“Oh my,” Belle says, one hand rising to her mouth to cover her smile.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit him at all,” Mrs. Potts responds with a wink.

Lumiere happens to find Cogsworth on his way to Maurice’s workshop, which causes a great deal more grumbling on his part.

“What was that?” Cogsworth snaps defensively as his ears catch Lumiere’s muttering. He puffs out his chest, hands planted firmly on his hips, clearly expecting some smart comment and the bickering that usually follows. “Speak up if you have something to say to me!”

“I said that I do not like you arguing with Belle’s father,” Lumiere announces with a frustrated gesture.

Cogsworth pauses, clearly caught unawares, before the usual irritation at Lumiere’s antics returns to his face. “Well I never!” he exclaims, stepping closer and tilting his neck in an attempt to look down his nose at Lumiere, never mind the height difference is not on his side. “I’ll have you know we aren’t arguing, we are debating!”

“Debating, whatever you want to call it,” Lumiere scoffs, before taking a step forward that very much robs Cogsworth of any personal space. “The point is that you are only supposed to debate so spiritedly with me!”

He stares at Cogsworth, practically nose-to-nose and his eyes burning, for a long moment. Complete silence rings around them.

And then Lumiere turns jerkily and walks hurriedly away.

It’s not until the clack of heels against the floor has entirely faded that Cogsworth’s face contorts in realisation and his eyes fly wide.

When he reaches the workshop, Maurice smiles warmly at him and asks him why he is blushing so profusely in a way that suggests he’s already very aware of the answer.


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