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Title: Awry
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Fullbody/Jango
Rating: PG-13
Words: 258
Notes: For [ profile] onepieceyaoi100, prompt "accidental kiss".

Hina is beautiful and smart and deadly and completely immune to his charms. Which is frustrating, because Fullbody may not have the power he once did, but he’s never really had a problem attracting women before.

Hina doesn’t even grace him with a pointed look, just sashays past him, ignoring the mistletoe held above his head and his puckered lips.

Failure, utter failure, and he’d be angry if he weren’t so desperately in love with her.

Desperate times, desperate measures, and the Christmas party approaches. A plan is hatched, and hypnotism is all they really have between them, so he and Jango decide to use it as their secret weapon.

Fullbody is Jango’s guinea pig, because Hina is surprisingly resistant to hypnotism and Jango needs a lot of practice if he’s going to be able to pull it off.

A simple trick. Every time she sees mistletoe, Hina will be drawn into a sexual frenzy, and the only ones able to satisfy her will be Jango and Fullbody. A good plan, if they do say so themselves.

Of course, things rarely go right for them, although they never learn.

Hina merely glances at the hoop being swung in front of her, before sweeping away.

And apparently Jango didn’t do such a great job at erasing the conditioning established during their practice, because there’s mistletoe everywhere and Fullbody’s eyes go blank and very very dark. Jango screams and Fullbody pounces, and Hina watches them, passionate tangled heap on the floor, and there’s a smirk on her perfectly painted lips.
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